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This page outlines step-by-step instructions for logging in to the computers and presenting in the MSc Voice Technology classrooms.

Auditorium[edit | edit source]

For guest lectures

  • You can turn on the projectors by pressing the ON button on the white panel with the buttons. If you want to use both screens, Press ON first and wait for a bit (1 min) and then press both on the same panel.
  • There will be a computer in front of the classroom -- i.e. big screen on the trolley with the PC behind it.
  • Login with f-account F118095 (same login/password as for 223)  
  • You will already be joined to the google meet session:
  • Login to the other screens with your p-number and go to the google meet session and choose PRESENT not JOIN to share your screen. The computer is behind the sliding door, in the black rack (yellow sticker with PC-A on it)

Rooms 223-224[edit | edit source]

For guest lectures

  • Login with the f-account F118095 and the provided password.
  • Go to (there are two google meets accounts for this room, but let's always use this one for consistency)
  • Select JOIN Correct (make sure microphone and audio volume is on.)
  • For each of the big screens:  
    • Only Present on the Left screen. and if needed you can duplicate the 2 big screens via airtame by opening the Airtame app on the PC of the LEFT screen and pressing the white wireless button on the right screen. (This should be already done by Steven in the morning but if not then you know. )
    • Go to and press PRESENT only on the right screen.
  • For remote attendees, stand towards the small screen for better audio.