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Get a user account[edit | edit source]

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Add and edit your user page[edit | edit source]

Most pages on this wiki can be edited by registered users. All edits are stored in a page's version history, so in the best case nothing gets lost. A wiki lives from its users. Being one of them, you should familiarise yourself with editing pages. You may for example start by adding a user page for your newly created user, with some information about yourself. To do so:

  • click on your user name in the top right menu
  • when you first do this, the page will tell you: "There is currently no text in this page."
  • click on "create" in the top right corner of the page
  • you can now edit and save your page

It is important to link the pages of a Wiki to one another. In a new Wiki this seems counter intuitive, but it is common practice to add links to pages that *should* exist, even if they do not. You might ask yourself: What should I link to, if the regarding pages do not even exist yet? The answer: you can link to them any ways. Simply add a link via the link icon in the editor menu above your page. You can link to any non-existing page, and it will be automatically added to the list of "wanted pages". You may check out this list (also on the real Wikipedia!) and add a page if you feel comfortable.

Add a new page to the wiki[edit | edit source]

Within your Voice Tech courses, you might be asked to add a wiki page.

To add a page that does not exist you, you can simply go to (but do enter the new page name!) in your browser. You will be told that page does not exist yet, but you can click the "Create" button to add it.

You may also consult the list of wanted pages, to see all non-existing pages that existing pages link to.

Edit existing pages and view version history:[edit | edit source]